Bespoke command line solution

I was asked to create a dependable command line tool to perform XML file checks on a system's file structure. There were several clauses and user options to consider. Plus the solution had to be system agnostic. To this end, I built a unit tested tool with it's file interface completely abstracted from the business logic. The tool is fully extendable with new rule classes and decision logic, and the customer was very happy.

"I asked for a beautifully written PHP CLI Application and I got one, in very good time, that did exactly what I asked for. I am very pleased with Miles' work." - John Walker, MD Arcus Compliance Limited

Local Food App Entrepeneur

"I met Miles on an advisory basis and after a short time speaking with Miles it becomes clear that he is a very experienced CTO with lots to offer. Miles is able to not only see the bigger picture but provides a critique of each area of your business with appropriate follow up actions. I'd recommend Miles' services to any tech business, may it be established or a start up, as there's undoubtedly something Miles can offer that you've not yet tapped into."

Adam, Locl

Vision Racing Developments

Vision Racing Developments offer race car preparation services to club and GT race teams. The client needed a mechanism for their website that scrolled through images in their header banner. Frustrated by unresponsiveness of their existing supplier, they turned to us where we turned around a solution within a day.

Changing the commercial property industry

Whilst product lead at a Health and Safety company, I developed system links with Allianz and Zurich for the investment arm of Standard Life. This was to bring (amongst others) statutory lift and escalator surveys and actions for commercial property, into our H&S web application portal. This gave their users consolidated access to their statutory documentation and action points and crucially, compatible with the existing reporting. This proved to be an industry changing feature, as more clients (representing the major commercial property management companies in the UK) asked for this link, not wanting to be left behind.

Flockbook - Hybu Cig Cymru / Meat Promotion Wales

HCC ( funded a project delivered by CookieOnline in 2008 to provide an online portfolio platform for farmers. The platform allowed farmers across Wales to upload records detailing their animal stock, which was in turn searchable by potential customers. Working with the project manager over a 6 month period, we collected data storage and reporting requirements, and iterated a POC into the resulting easy to use system. The platform provided a springboard for farmers into the digital age, and HCC have since taken the concept of online market data and integrated it within their current website.