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It's increasingly common for SMEs to bring development of software products in house. They recognise the value of their experienced earned IP, and know they can either sell this either on it's own merit, or include it as a value added service. It's increasingly easy to do so with cheaper cloud hosting, software development skills becoming more ubiquitous, and more business being carried out online. But many find this is a rocky ride, and sadly won't even know why...

Alternatively, some companies start with a great idea for an app. They build up the personnel, the contractors and the product starts to take off. As the product starts to grow, all sorts of gremlins pop up when they try to scale the app's features, grow the team, increase the client base.... again - it's very difficult to fix what you can't put your finger on.

Investors see a great piece of tech, see the commercial uses of it, and on face value believe it's worth their investment. But beneath the surface, there may be all sorts of lurking time bombs, team dynamic issues, and many other symptoms of growing pains or lack of experience. A bit of technical due diligence could make all the difference determining whether a company has a future or not.

So, how do you know your contractors have the right skill set, or your staff have the right career progression? Are they building using the right technologies that are the best fit for them and the software? Are you certain the requirements you're about to sign off solve what you're trying to achieve, or have your requirements have been blindly followed and won't solve your underlying issues? How do you know the delivery methods proposed are the best fit for your business?

Standards of software development and delivery are improving all the time. But unfortunately, it's still a bit wild west out there! And your in house experts won't necessarily know what they don't know. It's a bit like having the second plumber in who sucks through his teeth and says 'You've had the cow boys in then...' - so how on earth were you meant to know?!

You need a tame CTO in your address book you can trust, backed up with over a decade of experience and proof. Someone to call in if nothing else to validate the product / service you are paying for, and nip any problems in the bud. These people can save you a fortune plus a lot of time and stress, and potentially that business avenue.

This is the service I've considered offering for several years. I've always had a great track record of talking in plain English to non techies, translating jargon into business language. I've also had a lot of success doing the opposite - translating business ideas and requirements into delivered software. That's the remit of a good software CTO.

In summary I have over 12 years of experience in web application development. I've run a web development business for several years helping local businesses like radio stations, shops getting into e-commerce, MOT stations with online booking software, even a kind of 'ebay for sheep' public sector project! I've helped e-learning projects and a school get the most out of their IT. Subsequently I've built market leading health and safety software, pioneering new practices through inter-system communication which have helped changed the industry. Finally I've built on a prototype social media analytics product, built up a technical team from a standstill, taken the product to increasingly higher commercial heights where we as a company have punched well above our weight. 


It frustrates me massively to see how much money and effort can be wasted in building software products, and I derive a lot of satisfaction from helping businesses out. So if anyone of the above has resonated, if you think your software team, project or investment target could do with an expert eye...

Get in touch, to see how I can help.


If you're reading this... please bear with me this is a work in progress!

Software development consultancy

Set up in 2005, CookieOnline provided web development services during the Web 2.0 revolution to local businesses and public sector. The company is back in business with another 10 years of commercial experience under our belt, in PHP software development.

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